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When: June 18 - August 31 | Monday – Fridays | 9 am – 3 pm

Ages: 4 – 13

Cost: $225/Week (after care an additional $50/week for children 5 yo - 13 yo)

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Program Information

There are no discounts but limited financial aid is available until end of April. Financial Aid applications will not be accepted without TAX FORMS and proof of income.

Registration forms must be submitted with full payment or a $25 deposit per camp week for each child. The deposit is non-refundable and will hold a slot until the first day of camp.

Early drop-off (7:30AM) is available for no charge. After care requires registration at least one week in advance (exceptions may apply). The rate is $50 per week regardless of the number of days. Children who are registered for after care must be picked up by 6:00PM.

There will be no programming on the Monday, July 4.

Pool Information

Children will swim at P.G. Community Pool every Tuesday and Thursday from 1pm-3pm. The pool is located at 3301 Buchanan Street, Mount Rainier, MD 20712. Children under the age of 7 (unless they have passed the swim test) will swim at the wading pool.



Movers 4-5 years old

Students experience Creative play, Dance, Exercise and Movement, such as tumbling, hula hoop, and use of props, fused with elements of science, nature and culture. The day includes several 55-minute classes.  What we do will stimulate sensory learning, improve flexibility and coordination, and build skills to visualize ideas through fun activities.

Camp includes quiet time and pool. 11 unique weeks of curriculum and activities.


Explorers 6-8 years old

Students graduate to a level of exploration of the Arts through instruction by teachers of Dance, Drama, Visual Art and other types of movement.  The learning is enhanced with science, math, nature and culture for an enriching summer.  

Camp includes quiet time and pool. 11 unique weeks of curriculum and activities.


Artists 9-13 years old

Under Peruvian Master Artist Clara Majors, children create beautiful artwork from recycled and re-purposed materials in the morning, while participating in engaging interactive song and dance performances with local vocal and performing artists end the day. Register for one or all of the eleven (11) different weeks of curriculum and activities.

Every Friday will feature an exhibition in our gallery of the students work



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