I just wanted to thank you, once again, for the years of generosity Joe's Movement Emporium has shown towards my family.  I have two talented and creative children who love to experience the warm and encouraging atmosphere found at Joe's.  Since they were in elementary school, your scholarships have allowed my children to attend and take advantage of the artistic excellence provided by your instructors and the fun that comes with being creative with lots of other talented children their age.  As a single mother struggling through various financial hardships, Joe's provided a safe and affordable haven for my two daughters to grow and be nurtured. They are now in middle and high school, pursuing courses in creative and performing arts.  My oldest recently won a gold medal in the Prince George's County NAACP chapter's ACT-SO competition in the contemporary vocal category.  She will compete with other vocalists from across the country in Baltimore this July.  She attends Suitland High School's Center for the Visual and Performing Arts, located in Forestville, Maryland.  My youngest daughter recently placed 2nd in the Prince George's County Film Festival in the middle school category of "Under a Minute Challenge".  She attends Benjamin D. Foulois Creative Arts Academy in Morningside, Maryland.

These successes would not have been possible without the confidence cultivated in them during their formative years at Joe's Movement Emporium.  I would not have been able to send them without your kindness and generosity.

Thank you, again, for all that you do for children and families in the Washington, DC metropolitan area.

-Ivana H. Miranda, Proud (and Grateful) Mom (May 2017)

We so appreciate the care you and Club Joe's staff provide. I'm impressed that Brodie has learned to play chess, does ballet and other forms of dance and creates cool art. I love that when I pick him up in the evening, he typically has a smile on his face and walks out with enthusiastic "good-byes" and "see ya later" from those around him.

-Kate Greiner, Club Joe's Parent (November 2016)

I also wanted to take a moment to thank you for making sure our boy was safe, happy and enriched for all of these years. You run a great program and our family has been happy beneficiaries of it! We hope to keep in touch over the coming years and remain active supporters of Joes.

-Club Joe’s Parent (April 2016)

When my children go to Club Joe's after school I know that they are more than just safe and entertained; they are cared for, appreciated, challenged, stimulated and truly enriched. I have found that Club Joe's is the perfect complement to their public education. Knowing that they are going to Joe's every afternoon, I don't worry about the minimal attention to the arts and creativity in their school. They get what they need to grow at Joe's!

-Jes Ellis, Club Joe’s Parent (November 2013)

I always tell everyone that Joe's is a bright treasure in PG County and every child should have the opportunity to participate in a Club Joe's in every county! In a time of ipods, tablets, computers and video games Joe's teaches self expression in numerous ways. From Dance to visual art to written verse. I have witnessed many of the children become comfortable and proud of who they are and the talents that they are free to express. The staff at Joe's go far beyond people employed with a company! Every single employee is a multi talented magician that makes their job at Joe's look easy!

-Rachel Milstead, Club Joe’s Parent (November 2013)

Club Joe’s is a gift. Where else can kids go after a busy school day to be involved in an affordable high quality arts program? My daughter has been exposed to so many classes that she otherwise wouldn’t have had access to: Yoga, Spoken Word, Shuffling, Jump rope, Hooping, Swing dance, Spanish and more. Joe’s is the highlight of her day. The staff at Joe’s are top notch and really care about their students. There is nothing comparable in our area.

-Club Joe’s Parent (November 2013)

I really appreciate Joe’s with their focus on creativity in motion, especially in this day in age where we struggle to keep our kids active and fit. My kid always comes home tired from joes.... a good thing. The end of the year show is also incredible, I am always truly amazed at the energy and creativity sparked by the teachers and harnessed by the children. A real "talent" show.

-Signed, A moving momma, Aysha Corbett (November 2013)

Club Joe's fills a void left by the continual underfunding of arts programs in our schools and introduces our children to the joy and expression of art on their terms. Club Joe's kids are challenged to think about experiences in different ways and to express what they've learned through dance, movement, language classes, music and theatrical performances. The kids are encouraged to work together as a team to share what they have learned. Club Joe's teachers and counselors are supportive of arts education for children with an enthusiasm that mirrors their own passion. Club Joe's lives up to the mission of Joe's Movement Emporium: that the arts make every life better, no matter who you are or what you do.

Beth Young Margulies, Club Joe’s Parent since 2011 (November 2013)

Club Joe's has brought out talents in my children that I didn't know they had: tumbling! comedy! dance! the joy of performance and creativity! I truly think it will last a lifetime.

Dana Grabiner, Club Joe's Parent (November 2013)

As a parent of Club Joe's, Summer Camp, and other Joe's Programs provided, this has been a great time for my daughter, who first came to Club Joe's as Kindergarten student last year. A bit shy and not wanting to participate has blossomed into a beautiful little lady and enjoys being involved and not shying away from participating in classes. Joe's Movement has really helped with her knowing who she is and exposing her to the different cultures and the arts. I am thankful for the teachers and counselors at Joe's Movement Emporium.

-Shunnell T. Lewis, Club Joe’s Parent (November 2012)

I remember a teacher telling me about Joe’s Theater Tech Program. He said the program helps seniors and college freshmen with their academics, life choices and future goals. The program teaches us the basics of working in many areas including customer service and hospitality and gives us the overall professional skills needed to succeed in a work environment. We also receive theater tech training, learning about sound boards, lighting and how to put together the right settings for performances. I am already working in my field as a child care assistant for an after school program DSC01509here at Joe’s. And I’m happy to report that I’m working very hard to have a successful third semester at Prince George’s Community College.

-BJ Yates, Theater Tech Program Graduate (October 2013)

I am the manager of Urban Eats Café in Mount Rainier, MD. We have had the pleasure of working with several bright young people from Joe’s Theater Tech Program (TTP). TTP leverages technical theater training to put our community’s youth on the path to success, providing them with real-life experiences and skills to prepare them for future employment. Joe’s is a real gem in this county and TTP is the kind of program that makes Joe’s so important – indeed, an indispensable resource for local area youth.

-Annette Martin (October 2013)

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